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Python and Qt Designer tutorial

March 11, 2013

I have often complained about the lack of integration between Python and UI designers so I was interested by a tutorial written by Kunal Deo for LinuxUser Magazine and published on the web.

I was able to work through the tutorial but wager there are many Python novices like myself who would struggle.

To modify an immortal phrase: so I re-wrote the tutorial (Python, QT Designer) Media File ConverterĀ Tutorial (in a page on the right).

You may ask what it is doing in a (primarily) Gambas blog. Suffice to say: I have a cunning plan.


Fsarchiver is one useful piece of software

May 23, 2010

I have put a page on the right with my experiences using this super piece of backup software.

Dropbox and encryption

September 25, 2009

I have put a few notes in a page on the right and shown how file encryption can be included in a Gambas program. Obviously the logic can be used from other programming language as well.


May 9, 2009

I can’t be alone in disliking laptops. I can’t stand the keyboards, can’t use those finger pad thingies with any proficiency, can’t stand crouching over those grotty little screens and above all can’t stand the responsibility of carting the damn thing around with me. Don’t even mention tired batteries.

It does have its problems though: Gnu/Linux does such a good job of running on old kit that I have a multitude of computers running different distributions both at home and at work. I used to get into an awful muddle with my Gambas code with overwriting changes with other changes until I started using Dropbox ( Now within seconds of switching on any net-connected computer with Dropbox, the Gambas source is updated on that computer. Problem sorted. It obviously can’t cope with server-bases databases so I backup the database into the Dropbox directory and restore it on the other machine. Apart from that, it has made life a lot easier.