There’s an easier way!

There is now an easier way to install Gambas 3 than by compiling from source. It won’t be the latest version but is better than starting off now with Gambas 2 which has quite simply reached end-of-life.

A Gambas user, Kendek, has created a repository which works fine. You have to tell your operating system where to find this repository. I am doing this on Lubuntu 11.10 but I guess the process works on any Oneiric derivative. There are versions for earlier Ubuntu versions (and derivatives) described at:

Drag over the following address, and copy into the clipboard with Ctrl and then c, or file, copy from menu or right-click copy on the mouse. The address is:

deb oneiric main

Go to preference, software sources and click on the ‘Other Software’ tab. Click the Add button and paste the clipboard into the apt line with the reverse of any of the three methods above (the keyboard shortcut is Ctrl and then v). Click on add source and provide a password. You will now see two lines added under the ‘other software’ tab.

Close the window. That tells the operating system where to look for an installable Gambas3. Open a terminal window (Accessories, LXTerminal on Lubuntu or equivalent). Type in:

‘sudo apt-get install gambas3’ (without parentheses) and enter.

Provide a password and Kendek’s Repository package will be installed. You can then run Gambas 3 with ‘gambas3’ from the terminal or add a menu entry or a desktop icon.


2 Responses to “There’s an easier way!”

  1. Sheldon Sobel Says:

    Platform is ubuntu 12.04 LTS. I do not find any menu which allows me access to “Preference” nor “Other Software”. Installed classicmenu-indicator, but Preference was not displayed in the listing. Is there a workaround to accomplish this procedure? Perhaps terminal commands?

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