Compiling and Installing Gambas 3

Gambas 3 has now been released. Development of Gambas 2 and some of its components (particularly the QT3 toolkit) has ended. That, in itself, should not be a problem and Gambas 2 should be available from distributions for some time to come.

If you are new to Gambas, I would recommend that you start using Gambas 3 now. It is sufficiently different from Gambas 2 to make later conversion of Gambas 2 projects to gambas 3 a frustration.

Unfortunately Gambas 3 is not yet in any distribution repository yet so this involves installing Gambas 3 from source code. This might be intimidating for new Linux users so I have written the note on the right to show a hopefully easy-to-follow process. These instructions work on all Ubuntu versions (I have only installed on 11.04 in Gnome rather than Unity desktop) as well as Linux Mint 11 and I guess most Ubuntu derivatives. The process is similar for other distributions.


2 Responses to “Compiling and Installing Gambas 3”

  1. Jon Nicholson Says:

    Your readers may be interested to learn that a newly revised edition of A Beginner’s Guide to Gambas is being published in July, and it will probably be available in physical book form by the beginning of August. A free .pdf version of this new edition is available for download, under the Open Content License, from the blog that I put up recently to support the book — . There are additional downloads of materials to facilitate Gambas study from the book.
    You may already be aware of the first version of the book, which was published in 2005. There are many corrections and updates in the new version, and we’ve made sure that the material is compatible with both Gambas2 and Gambas3.
    Jon N.

    • charlesg628 Says:

      Thanks for your post. I picked up on this on UB forum and have posted a note on the Gambas forum (one reply already asks why you don’t use G3 screenshots, but hey, you can’t please everyone!)

      As I said in the Gambas post I think it is brilliant news and wish you all success.


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