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Compiling and Installing Gambas 3

July 1, 2011

Gambas 3 has now been released. Development of Gambas 2 and some of its components (particularly the QT3 toolkit) has ended. That, in itself, should not be a problem and Gambas 2 should be available from distributions for some time to come.

If you are new to Gambas, I would recommend that you start using Gambas 3 now. It is sufficiently different from Gambas 2 to make later conversion of Gambas 2 projects to gambas 3 a frustration.

Unfortunately Gambas 3 is not yet in any distribution repository yet so this involves installing Gambas 3 from source code. This might be intimidating for new Linux users so I have written the note on the right to show a hopefully easy-to-follow process. These instructions work on all Ubuntu versions (I have only installed on 11.04 in Gnome rather than Unity desktop) as well as Linux Mint 11 and I guess most Ubuntu derivatives. The process is similar for other distributions.