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Am I still using Gambas?

March 19, 2011

There has been a comment left on this blog asking if I have given up writing code in Gambas. Well, the answer (as with most answers) is yes and no.

As you can see elsewhere on the blog, we were using POS software written in Gambas to run my small retail business. We had a major staff problem just less than a year ago and found that card transactions were being rung up on the (separate) card machine but were then being cancelled from the POS screen before finalisation. The theory being that the customer was generally happy with the card slips and did not need a separate till slip. The money was then taken from the till to cover the excess and the till balanced at the end of the day.

I decided that we would have to integrate the card acceptance with the POS programme. The only solution I could find here in the UK was Ocius from Commidea. Needless to say they did not have a Linux solution which surprised me as I thought Linux was ideally suited to POS. Even worse, it was written in the dreaded .Net. Talk about an elephant to crack a nut.

My Gambas software would not translate onto Windows so I went and bought Windows POS software from a vendor who specialises in our trade. The bought software is much more comprehensive than mine would ever have been (home grown software is always ‘work-in-progress’!) but by definition caters for requirements well beyond my needs. I am disappointed firstly because I enjoyed writing the software and secondly because I have walked back into the arms of M$.

I still use Gambas particularly for manipulation of text files but no longer use it on a daily basis. I still prefer Linux although I must admit that Windows 7 is not at all bad.