Opus Minimus

Well, at long last my Gambas project is up an running. In my small retail business I have used an in-house Point-of-sale system based on VB6 and Access97 for nearly 10 years. I lost interest in developing the system further because I found it increasingly difficult to re-install on modern equipment. One of my tills and the ‘file server’ were still running Windows 95, LOL.

Well, I have now cloned the system onto Gambas 2, mySQL and Ubuntu 9.04. I won’t say it’s completely bug free yet but it is up and running. It has helped that the staff has been positive about the changes. I have two tills, a separate goods receiving machine and an admin machine using one of the tills as a server. There is a cunning plan, carried over from the old system, whereby the machines can run stand-alone if the network crashes (I only used it once in the last 10 years).

The goods received program and point-of-sale program are separate and both are mouse-free. This adds enormously to the code but is something that I think Gambas excels at. The point-of-sale is just less than 2000 lines of code and the goods received about 1300.

I cannot fault Gambas and am stunned by the speed of SQL searches (even on un-indexed fields) in mySQL. I just lurv Ubuntu 9.04 probably because Nautilus file manager works just the way I do. I now look forward to developing the system further although I accept the adage that one shouldn’t develop software and run a business at the same time! I just enjoy programming too much!

POS runs 800x600 on 15in LCD

POS runs 800x600 on 15in LCD

Goods Received runs 800x600 on 17in CRT

Goods Received runs 800x600 on 17in CRT


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