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May 9, 2009

I can’t be alone in disliking laptops. I can’t stand the keyboards, can’t use those finger pad thingies with any proficiency, can’t stand crouching over those grotty little screens and above all can’t stand the responsibility of carting the damn thing around with me. Don’t even mention tired batteries.

It does have its problems though: Gnu/Linux does such a good job of running on old kit that I have a multitude of computers running different distributions both at home and at work. I used to get into an awful muddle with my Gambas code with overwriting changes with other changes until I started using Dropbox ( Now within seconds of switching on any net-connected computer with Dropbox, the Gambas source is updated on that computer. Problem sorted. It obviously can’t cope with server-bases databases so I backup the database into the Dropbox directory and restore it on the other machine. Apart from that, it has made life a lot easier.


Update on Gambas tutorial

May 9, 2009

Well things have changed since I first wrote the tutorial. The azores.linux site that I used to get an updated installation for Ubuntu no longer works. On the plus side, Ubuntu 9.04 now comes with Gambas 2.8 as standard although you have to use Synaptic to enable more than the bare minimum. The standard installation also does not put a Gambas option into the menu so you have to use the launcher as described in the tutorial

Fedora 11 (and I think the current Fedora 10) has easy access to Gambas 2.12. I also see the Gambas 2.12 is available on FreeBSD.

You can find the tutorial ‘Gambas 2.8 on Ubuntu 8.04’ under ‘pages’ in the right hand menu.