Musings about Gambas and Linux from a non-expert!

I hope to develop this site with random snippets aimed at the less technical Linux user.

Linux does tend to rely on the extended computer knowledge of its users which (I know) can be quite dispiriting for the rest of us.

The only useful entry at the moment is the ‘Gambas 2.8 on Ubuntu 8.04’ tutorial in the menu to the right.


5 Responses to “Musings about Gambas and Linux from a non-expert!”

  1. Kuc Says:

    Usefull, verry good for the initiatief.
    I’m new on linux to, and i realy needed this one

  2. charles Says:

    You’re a very sensible person,great wisdom. It is refreshing to read intelligent and balanced prose… keep at it.

  3. Nic Says:

    Very informative, always useful to have more examples to learn from.
    (And thanks for the repository details- I have now upgraded).

  4. Tony Sales Says:

    Very informative – the address of a suitable repository to download 2.5 is worth it weight in gold! Version 2 won’t create installation packages and 2.81 won’t compile properly on Hardy. The 2.5 deb files works fine and I have already created a simple and installed it on another machine.


  5. ManojKumar.A Says:

    Excellent initiative ! keep going !

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